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Steve McCabe MP met with RNIB and the Royal College of Ophthalmologists at a parliamentary reception to learn more about the availability of cataract surgery to people in Birmingham.
Young people aged 15 – 24 are more likely to die in a preventable road crash than they are to die for any other single cause. Whilst young people account for 12% of licence holders they are involved in one in four road deaths and serious injuries. Every year more than 3,300 young drivers and passengers aged 17-24 are killed or suffer a life-changing serious injury as a result of a road crash.

The Backing our Communities event was held at Cotteridge Church in conjunction with the Big Lottery Fund and other funders.


His criticism follows an announcement by the Council earlier this week (19 April) and reported in the Birmingham Mail suggesting that some parts of the site would be used for allotments.
Steve said:
The bill has been the subject of controversy over recent weeks as the Government scrambles to try and convince medical practitioners of the need for reforms which will pass control of 80% of the NHS budget to GPs and allow far greater involvement by private sector companies in the provision of NHS health services.
"As I told my constituents, this is not the most important issue in my postbag but, nevertheless, I wanted to take a 'snap shot' of what my constituents are thinking.  I undertook an online survey last week and this was the result."

"51% were against plans to change the voting system to the Alternative Vote, 32% supported the change and 17% were just not sure.
Steve McCabe wrote to GPs in his constituency last Friday before yesterday's announcement by the Government to 'pause' the Health and Social Care Bill.  

The police budget in England and Wales is being cut by 20% by the Government over four years although some areas are being hit harder than others. In 2011-2012 the police cut in Birmingham is 4.1% wheras in low crime Surrey it is 1.5%.
Steve said:

I want to know you views on a very important issue that has been raised with me by a number of my constituents. It is the Council's consultation on home to school travel for children and young people with significant special needs.


The consultation is looking at the extent to which the Council should support transport needs for eligible children with special needs and in a nutshell they want to change the policy to only provide transport support "to the nearest appropriate school".


Steve McCabe recently met with Lawrence Wilson, the new manager or Yardley Wood bus depot.  Steve raised the issue of changes to the 27 route and changes to the 69 (now the the 76) which a number of constituents have concerns about.


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