On Friday I met with Chief Superintendent Manku, Commanding Officer of the East region of the police force in Birmingham.I first got in contact with Chief Supt Manku during my many months of discussion with local people, crime fighting agencies, victim support groups and Victim’s Champion, Sara Payne, as part of my campaign to shift the balance away from the rights of criminals towards the rights of victims, through my additions to the Victim’s Charter. I was delighted to hear that so many of the people I asked were already part of larger or

I spoke in the debate on the Queen's speech on Monday. Here is a copy of what I said about Victims' Rights, ID cards, police reform, the DNA database and CCTV.What plans does the coalition have to ensure that the needs of that group are put at the centre of our criminal justice system? It is the lack of consideration for victims that causes some people to think that the system is broken and many to believe that it is weighted entirely in favour of the offender.

I am welcoming the Labour Government 's new plans to change the way the victims of crime are supported and to ensure that they are at the heart of the justice system.

Justice Secretary Jack Straw unveiled the new plans after the latest figures showed crime continuing to fall, breaking the pattern of previous recessions, with the lowest murder rate for a decade and the British Crime Survey showing the chances of being a victim the lowest since records began.

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