The police budget in England and Wales is being cut by 20% by the Government over four years although some areas are being hit harder than others. In 2011-2012 the police cut in Birmingham is 4.1% wheras in low crime Surrey it is 1.5%.
Steve said:
Tom Winsor has given his recommmendations about police pay and conditions this week in the Winsor Report.
The Police Federation believe the changes will lead to the pay of 40% of the country's 143,000 officers being cut.
Steve McCabe MP said:
Selly Oak MP Steve McCabe is continuing to fight against the costly introduction of elected police commissioners in the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Bill Committee in Parliament.
Steve volunteered for the committee specifically to keep up the pressure on the Government to jettison this unpopular policy.
The committee will debate the bill over a period of several weeks and Steve plans to raise the following issues.
An unwanted distraction from real policing

Following concerns raised by leading scientists about the threatened closure of the Forensic Science Service, Steve has laid down a Parliamentary Question to Government ministers in the Home Office. The Forensic Science Service is responsible for pioneering research which helps to solve crimes.

Steve highlighted in the debate the impact of cuts to the police budget. In particular, Steve focussed on
·        The fact that young people are more likely to be victims of crime than perpetrators of crime
·        The role the police play in preventing anti-social behaviour by organising sports activities, for example

Steve McCabe MP has put down questions for Government ministers to answer at Justice questions on Wednesday. The questions aim to probe ministers on whether there were breaches in procedure during the recent riot at Ford open prison or whether their are shortcomings in current policy.

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Five hundred people from across the Selly Oak constituency took part in a survey which is part of a series conducted by Steve McCabe into the public’s attitudes to policing, anti social behaviour and criminal justice.

The survey reveals that there is real anxiety about cuts in policing, opposition to abolishing Anti Social Behaviour Orders and scepticism about the cost and benefits of elected Police Commissioners.


Steve McCabe met with Chief Constable Chris Sims yesterday (Friday17th December) to discuss the impact of the cuts on local policing. The Tory-Lib Dem Government is cutting 20% from police budgets in real terms over the next 4 years.


Following the meeting Steve McCabe MP said:


Steve spoke out against cuts to police numbers in the Police Funding debate on 8th December 2010.


He said:


Stephen McCabe (Birmingham, Selly Oak, Labour)

Speaking in the police reform debate 13 December 2010 Steve McCabe MP said:

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