We need less smoke and more action

Steve McCabe MP has slammed the Council for failing to move fast enough or consult widely enough abo
His criticism follows an announcement by the Council earlier this week (19 April) and reported in the Birmingham Mail suggesting that some parts of the site would be used for allotments.
Steve said:
‘I welcome the news that part of the site could be retained for allotment use. My own consultation with local residents which generated over 1000 submissions shows that there would be enormous support for a mixed use development on the site. Residents by a factor of 9:1 do not want to see a pure housing development.
‘But where has this announcement come from and is the timing a little suspicious? As a local resident and the MP I have been bashing my head against a brick wall trying to get the Council to provide a proper development brief for the site so that we can have proper consultations with the Hospital Trust who own the site. We have to remember that the money raised goes towards the cost of the new hospital and you can’t just give the land away.
‘Yet – without any consultation with local residents and without any reference to the rest of the site the council suddenly claims it has set aside some of the land for allotments.
‘I am extremely cynical that this ‘positive’ announcement is being made simply as a smokescreen to cover up the 70% rent rise with which Birmingham City Council intends to hit allotment tenants.'
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