MP holds Snap Poll ahead of May Referendum

Steve has been testing the water in his constituency ahead of next month's referendum on the voting
"As I told my constituents, this is not the most important issue in my postbag but, nevertheless, I wanted to take a 'snap shot' of what my constituents are thinking.  I undertook an online survey last week and this was the result."

"51% were against plans to change the voting system to the Alternative Vote, 32% supported the change and 17% were just not sure.
"My snap poll revealed in relation to retaining our current First Past the Post system,  it was neck and neck: 43% wanting to keep it; 44% not wanting to keep it and 13% not sure.
"Finally, I asked if we should change our current system but not to AV. 34% said no, 33% said yes and 31% were not sure"
"My poll has generated discussion on my website and clearly there are a lot of people on both sides, who are passionate about what system we use to elect our MPs. I am not going to pretend it is a scientific poll but I did ask a cross section of constituents from throughout the constituency. The referendum is a month away and if my poll is anything to go on we will be sticking with First Past the Post."
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