Local GPs to have their say on the Government's plans to reorganise the NHS

GPs in the constituency of Birmingham Selly Oak are being asked their view on the proposed massive r
Steve McCabe wrote to GPs in his constituency last Friday before yesterday's announcement by the Government to 'pause' the Health and Social Care Bill.  

Steve said, "In my letter I explained that I am sceptical about the plans to reorganise the NHS but it is too easy to adopt a wholly hostile approach to the plans and that I am interested in constructive criticism and suggestions which make it more likely that the plans can be made to work for the benefit of patients. Since I sent my survey out the Government has itself become sceptical about its own Bill.  I will make sure the the Secretary of State for Health, Andrew Lansley, sees what GPs in this area are saying.  I am certain their insight into patient care will be useful.  I will also be meeting up with GPs to discuss the situation and I will be getting the perspective of patients by asking my constituents what their views on the plans are."
GP quotes
“Some changes are needed. The pace of change is not acceptable. Some services are not broken and do not need “fixing”!’
“The biggest problem I see with the proposals is giving extra duties to overstretched doctors. I often do a 12 hour day in General Practice (far from the myth that we have an easy life) and finding the time to make this work successfully is the greatest drawback.  I am on the board of a consortium and my biggest worry is the break up of the NHS and the board being forced to commission care from the private sector”
“I doubt very much if these proposals will make a difference.  The main problem is going to be reduced funding”
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